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About Stem Squared and Our Goals

Careers involving science, technology, engineering, and math are on the rise. We understand how important it is to encourage children to look into these careers as they go through school and to make sure they start thinking about their own interests today so they can find a career they love when they finish school. At Stem Squared, we work hard to explain STEM to children and to encourage them to learn more.

STEM Careers are Growing

STEM is more than just a buzzword today. These careers are quickly growing, tend to pay well, and are the perfect option for many of today’s students. The issue is, many students don’t know what STEM means or what kinds of careers fit in this category. This is where we help. We teach children in elementary schools about STEM careers and help them find topics they might be interested in learning more about.

Creating Pamphlets to Further Our Cause

While no one picks their future career in elementary school, we do provide outreach to elementary schools to start teaching the children about STEM-related careers and why they might be a good option. We create pamphlets and other science-themed materials to get students interested in science as well as other STEM subjects to encourage them to learn more as they continue their studies. The idea is that they can start thinking about these topics now to find one that’s going to interest them.