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Stem Squared’s Skillshare Review

At Stem Squared, we work hard to show elementary students why STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers are such a great option today and how they can start working toward a STEM career. We want to encourage more students to start looking into STEM careers and to find something that interests them. To do… Read More

Adobe After Effects Tutorial: Beginner to Intermediate Level =

Movies wouldn’t be where they are today without the ability to use special effects. CGI (computer generated imagery) and other special effects are used in a huge variety of movies today to allow characters to do things that can’t be done in real life or to add imaginary creatures that look and act realistically. If… Read More

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials: Learning the Interface

Used by graphics designers and anyone who wants to create their own images, Illustrator is a powerful tool no matter what form of art you practice. But, exactly what is Adobe Illustrator? It’s a software program designed by Adobe that enables you to create your own images and alter them to meet all of your… Read More

How to Photoshop Like a Pro

Have you ever seen a photograph that you love and realized it was photoshopped? Whether it was a complex composite image that looked realistic or a portrait that had been touched up to look amazing, chances are all the work to adjust the image was done in Photoshop. However, if you’ve obtained a copy of… Read More

How to Use Adobe Photoshop to Create Beautiful Photos

You’ve got a nice DSLR camera and you’ve been taking photos as much as possible. Now, however, you want to learn how to improve your photography. There are two things you’ll want to do to take better photos: take classes to help you learn how to take better photos and take classes to help you… Read More