The following STEM resources are made available from STEM2 Professional Develo

Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Curriculum Frameworks (Current version 2006)

Session 5

MA Case for grade-levels

New Massachusetts Disciplinary Core Idea Matrix

New Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Standards

New Massachusetts Standards Crosswalk

Session 4

NEW Massachusetts Definition of College and Career Readiness

Understanding by Design Framework

Session 3

Sean Achor: The happy secret to better work

Session 2

Caine’s Arcade 2 (First we suggest you watch Caine’s Arcade from Session 1)

Massachusetts Plan for STEM 2.0 (Current version)

Next Generation Science Standards Arranged by Disciplinary Core Idea

Next Generation Science Standards Practices

The 3 Dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards

Session 1

Caine’s Arcade Video

Federal STEM Strategic Plan

Massachusetts Plan for STEM 1.0

National Research Council: Successful K-12 STEM Education